Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From the trading floor observatory-- Blowing up the Blue Jackets

Doug McLean’s old team is certainly no more; the Blue Jackets begin to dismantle their line up as they send Adam Foote off for a reunion with the old guys club in Colorado and send Sergei Federov off to Moscow on the Potomac.

Blue Jacket GM Scott Howson had a rather unhappy Adam Foote on his hands of late as the captain expressed his concern over the direction of the blue Jackets in the last little while and quietly had suggested that he was agreeable with a trade, but only under the condition that it be back to Colorado. As the deadline hour moved closer, Hoswon made the move returning Foote to where he found most of his success in the NHL.

As for Federov well, Federov is Federov, and enigma at the best of times, and one who never seemed to show Blue Jacket fans all of the flash of his days from Detroit.

What is interesting is the approach from the two destination cities, the Avalanche seem to be seeking to recapture the Stanley cup with a good portion of the line up from back in the days of 1999, Foote rejoins the Avs and will renew acquaintances with the recently signed Peter Forsberg and the recently recovered Joe Sakic. One wonders if the Avs aren’t maybe trying to get Patrick Roy to pull out the pads for one more skate around the rink…

Over in Washington there’s a very Russian theme building in the American capital, which if nothing else should guarantee a good walk up crowd from CIA operatives eager to learn more about the revived Russian threat. Federov will join the heavily European styled Capitals including catching up with fellow Russians Ovechkin, Semin and Kozlov a sleeper cell of hockey talent that if it catches fire could take the Capitals into the playoffs and surprise everyone for a few rounds.

They’ll be anxious to see how these plans play out in both Washington and Colorado, the reaction in Columbus however may be a little less enthusiastic. The Blue Jackets at five points out of a playoff spot were teasing their fans with perhaps the franchises’ first playoff appearance, where the developments today leave that plan remains to be seen, but suddenly you don’t get the impression that playoff tickets are about to be printed in Ohio.

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