Saturday, February 02, 2008

Common sorrow and common values from Bathurst to Swift Current

Roy MacGregor once again has composed a brilliant bit of writing for Saturday's Globe and Mail, as he traces the tragic moments 21 years ago for the Swift Current Broncos and weaves it into a script of healing for the people of Bathurst, New Brunswick, who are still coming to terms with a similar tragedy just last month.

He recounts the events of Dec. 30, 1986 as if they happened just yesterday, when a team bus skidded off a frozen Saskatchewan highway, causing death to four young men and leaving a small town reeling. Indeed for many that were living in Swift Current then, it still seems as though it was an event that happened just the other day.

Much like the people of Bathurst will live with their thoughts and tears for many years to come, they can find some solace from a small town across the country that has walked their path before.

It's a moving article, well worth the read, one filled with sadness, remorse, faith and hope. A small bit of hope in fact, that in New Brunswick, a town coming to terms with its own tragedy can realize that they have many who understand their grief and share in their sadness.

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