Monday, February 18, 2008

No Forsberg Factor for this year

Having little confidence that his rehabilitating foot would hold up to the rigours of a playoff stretch drive and subsequence playoff rounds, Peter Forsberg has sent out signs that he won’t be entertaining offers for his services for this year.

The long road to a decision has been going on now for over a month as Forsberg tested the foot out in Sweden, declared that he felt confident about a return to the NHL and advised those teams which he felt might be able to use his services to start to sharpen their pencils.

All along, there have been concerns over his often injured foot, which has caused Forsberg to miss much of the last few years of his NHL career.

His agent Don Baizley issued a short statement on behalf of his 34 year old client that stated that “the teams have been advised that it is unlikely he will return to the NHL this season.”

Not exactly what the Flyers, Red Wings, Avalanche or Senators probably wanted to hear, having been the front runners in the Forsberg sweepstakes the last few weeks.

If as seems likely that Forsberg is a scratch from the Rent a player roster, then some of the other high profile names like Mats Sundin and Marian Hossa may suddenly find that they are receiving an offer too good to refuse.

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