Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From the Trading floor observatory- - Chasing rumours

The marathon moves on, potential trades with the same names, with mainly the same destinations still in the incubation stage, much like a Senators power play of late with little finish around the net.

In fact the second hour of the day takes on a decidedly Ottawa theme.

At TSN, Dave Hodge and his Reporters crew are in the house, as the Sunday morning panel assemble to pass on their sage advice on the day’s happenings, Hodge boldly predicts that Ray Emery will be gone from Ottawa by the end of the day.

About a half an hour later, TSN expands the exodus list for Ottawa.

TSN’s has decided to carry the Paddock must go theme on through the second hour, at 650 they check in with their Senators reporter Brent Wallace who citing Senators sources says that Paddock’s days may very well be numbered. The TSN rumour mill suggesting that Bryan Murray is set to return to the bench to handle his stumbling charges.

Wallace also reveals that both Martin Gerber and Ray Emery have asked to be traded, which consensus seems to be would be a positive move in Ottawa. Pierre McGuire tracing a lot of Ottawa’s troubles to when Ray Emery signed his contract and a change in the goaltending coaching dynamic took place.

Ottawa became the salvation of the second hour thanks to their woeful performance on Monday night, providing a few talking points for talking heads.

Sportsnet almost dangles a trade in the closing moments of the second hour of coverage, the thought that Brad Richards was on the move, a move that Pierre LeBrun debunked for the time being, though were advised that Dallas may be in the mix for the services of Richards, perhaps Dave Nonis in Vancouver decided to sleep in for an extra hour..

We leave the second hour behind with James Duthie discussing the Spice Girls, a very worrisome trend that needs to be terminated without delay. The hockey universe is out of its orbit when we learn more about Posh and Scary than Hossa and Emery.

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