Thursday, February 07, 2008

Forsberg scratches Dallas, Nashville and a few other locations off his list

He loves them, he loves them not... Just in time for Valentine's Day, Peter Forsberg is almost ready to make a decision as to who will win his heart and skates for the rest of 2008.

His tuning up period almost at an end, Peter Forsberg is getting down to deciding where he will work for the next two, three and with any luck for him (and the wold be suitor) four months.

The National Post is reporting that last week he passed on his regrets to the Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators.

The 34 year old Forsberg is an unrestricted free agent, and having recovered from a foot injury he apparently feels that he wouldn't mind one more go or two around the rinks of the NHL.

Teams that are apparently still on the front burner for Forsberg and his agent are The Philadelphia Flyers, Colorado Avalanche, Vancouver Canucks and Ottawa Senators.

Vancouver may be slipping down the A list due to their slide of late and Forsbergs expected desire to try and land with a Stanley Cup competitor. The Canucks have been hovering around the bottom of the Stanley Cup qualifying spots for a few weeks now, watching other teams gain on them and standing ready to claim the number eight and final spot in the West.

Though picking up a talent such as Forsberg would certainly go a fair ways in improving their chances of not only claiming a final spot, but perhaps wresting away a top seed through a divisional first place finish.

In the end, Forsberg will probably go to where the best dollar is offered and to where he believes a Stanley Cup run may begin. The folks of Ottawa, Philadelphia, Colorado and Vancouver are most likely hoping that they are the ones, though there may be a few dark horses to run before the Forsberg Derby comes to its end.

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