Tuesday, February 26, 2008

They're at the post!

It's probably one of the most anticipated days for the Canadian sports networks that there is. One which sees each network creating armies of experts, statisticians, rumour mongers and occasionally even a fact checker or two.

The NHL trade deadline, a form of made for TV mini series, will play out from the early morning of 5 am on the Pacific coast, to 3 pm of Eastern Canada, 4 and 4:30 for Atlantic and Newfoundland fans.

In between, will be talk, talk, talk and more talk. Whoever has the concession on throat lozenges is possibly set to be a very rich entrepreneur.

The two major networks TSN and Sportsnet have over the last few years treated the Trade Deadline Day as an operation almost military in its design. The planning has been ongoing for months, the promotion growing more frenzied by the week.

Sidekicks and specialists all come armed with their sneak previews of potential trades, speculation on what each GM is seeking and what they may be willing to give up to get it.

It's a day not for the faint of heart if you're a player, the day is a nerve wracking one for those players that are on the bubble with their respective teams, not established enough to be an untouchable (if such a thing exists anymore) but talented enough to be potential fodder in any blockbuster concoction.

The Score once again has plans to join the battle for your undivided attention, promising to be on top of the developments as they happen, while they put on a good effort, they just can't compete to the almost Mutually Assured Destruction plans of TSN and Sportsnet.

And while most Canadians that are interested will remain with the television, clicker in hand to surf the different offerings, there will be a number of internet options as well to keep fully up to date.

Below we'll provide some links to a number of stories and spots where you will be able to find out the latest details of Trade Deadline Day 2008.


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