Monday, February 18, 2008

Selanne sets Duck points record seven games into comeback

"This has always been a happy place for me. I've said 100 times that I'm always smiling coming to the rink every day," --Teemu Selanne

He was smiling a little bit wider on Sunday as Teemu Selanne, seven games back from his long period of introspection picked up his 670th point as an Anaheim Duck.

Sleanne, like Scott Niedermayer was a mid season returnee, as both had decided that retirement wasn't quite ready for him.

Since his return he's once again managed to fit right back into the groove he had last season as the Ducks began their waddle to the Stanley Cup, since he has returned to Anaheim he has picked up one goal and three assists and the Ducks have won six of seven with the popular finn back in the lineup.

Sunday he placed his name at the top of the Anaheim history books again, having already claimed the title for goals previously. But as he puts it his hold will only be a temporary thing.

Watching fellow team mates Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, Selanne said after Sunday's game that it won't be too long before they both surpass his eventual final tally.

Anaheims victory came as part of a hard fought comeback bid against the Calgary Flames as the Ducks overcame a 1-0 deficit in the first to take control of the game through the second, going on to an eventual 4-2 victory.

Calgary completely lost their focus in the middle frame and Miika Kirpusoff continued to have his troubles giving up four goals in Sunday's game to go with the six he surrendered on Friday night in Los Angeles.

It's a worrisome trend for the Flames, who are in the middle of a battle with the pack in the West for a spot in the playoff race. They're games of late are very much of the hit and miss variety, with the misses starting to once again become more prevalent and in a disturbing fashion.

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