Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nobody is going to fleece Fletcher

"There's been a few rowboats offered for a battleship"--Cliff Fletcher on the state of the Mats Sundin inquiries.

To hear the captain tell it, he doesn't want to leave his team anyways, and unless the NHL squads that are whispering in Cliff Fletcher's ear come up with some more entertaining offers, then Captain Mats won't be getting bothered with a request to waive that no trade clause.

Fletcher has been rather dismissive so far of the intentions of his fellow GM's who seem to think that the tumbling Leafs are ready to make a panic deal, giving up their one major asset for what amounts so far to hockey sticks and hockey pucks in a weather beaten bag.

With the NHL meetings set to adjourn on Wednesday afternoon, Fletcher doesn't expect to be taking a request to his captain just yet. Instead, the seeds of potential moves have been planted, the tantalizing prospects of some squad poossibly securing the big Swede for a playoff run, derailed by a lack of quality returns heading the Leafs way.

One person who hopes that something percolates quickly with Sundin is Atlanta GM Don Waddell, who is hoping to swing a deal for Atlanta's Marian Hossa, but so far has been stuck on hold while teams try to figure out their Sundin strategy.

With the trading deadline less than a week away now, it's expected that the dominoes could soon be tumbling moving some of the sought after talent off to new locations.

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Photo from the Toronto Star website

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