Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From the Trading floor observatory—Speculation but few revelations

They’ve run out of spoons at Sportsnet, as the day moves on the Sportsnet situation room (sure hope they ran that by Wolf Blitzer at CNN) we learn that they’ve laid in the yogurt but have no spoons for the hard working rumour chasers. Should have gone with yogurt tubes, poor planning at Sportsnet…

As for the situation room, we are given a quick tour of what’s available on the net for the dedicated trading deadline devotee, which features a number of links to different trade items.

Sportsnet doesn’t have a trade to report yet, but they do let us know that Mike Comrie is not going to be a deadline feature player this year, having just signed a contract extension with the Islanders.

By 715 at TSN James Duthie is reading viewer mail, taking e mails and recounting the thoughts of the viewers at home, a few more hours of this and they’ll be breaking out the phone books of the thirty NHL cities and naming the names.

There’s a Marian Hossa equipment update on TSN by 718, it’s still in his stall at the Bell Centre ready for use tonight, maybe to be moved over to the Montreal side or maybe to be moved out to parts unknown.

The Reporters discuss the state of the Anaheim Ducks and whether Brian Burke is going to make a move or two or if he’s happy with his line up as it is.

Sportsnet has the Paddock bug at 725, with their own speculation that the Ottawa coach is on thin ice, though they don’t have him packing his bags just yet.

Bryce Salvador is on the trading block goes the rumour from Sportsnet, possibly bound for New Jersey for Cam Jannsen. Not quite confirmed they move on to other items, as that happens TSN’s jumps in with their confirmation of the deal at 734, Sportsnet verifies their own rumour at 7:35

More speculation on Marian Hossa’s future at Sportsnet, as they set the table for a potential move of the Atlanta sniper, though they have no candidates just yet.

Chris Kelly is also put out as on the market now, meaning we suppose that Ottawa is starting to percolate a deal or two.

The hour winds down with TSN hanging around the Thrasher’s practice waiting for Hossa, who it seems won’t be practicing today, told to stay at the hotel until further news comes out.

Perhaps he’s watching television waiting to see if he crosses a floor or crosses a continent.

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