Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mr. Bettman goes to Washington

Gary Bettman will get his share of the Capital Hill TV cameras on February 27th, when he and NHLPA head Paul Kelly appear in front of a Congressional sub committee investigating drugs in sports.

The two NHL leaders will appear at the hearings with the all ecnompassing title of; Drugs in Sports: Compromising the Health of Athletes and Undermining the Integrity of Competition.

Part of the deliberations from the Congressmen are designed to determine whether Congress should considering passing a law to establish minimum requirements that might include mandatory blood testing, as well as off-season testing.

That's an area that the NHL doesn't feel the need to go into, as they don't believe they have a particularly troublesome doping issue in the league.

The Bettman and Kelly tag team will outline the current testing methods in place, which include random testing two and sometimes three times a year, but which provides for no testing what so ever in the off season.

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