Tuesday, December 04, 2007

End of the road for Mark Recchi?

He's been scratched from seven of the last eight games that Penguins played and now it seems he will be taken off the list completely.

Mark Recchi, who has had trouble getting un tracked all year long, was placed on the waiver wire Tuesday by the Penguins.

If he's not picked up by another NHL team it's expected that the Penguins will buy out his contract, bringing an end to his third tour of duty with skating birds.

His departure interestingly enough comes a day after Mark Recchi bobble head doll night in Pittsburgh, where fans were provided with the coveted bobble head likeness. Presented to the fans in commemoration of his 500th goal, which he scored last year.

Which is part of the reason he's been placed on the waiver line, since that historic moment he's scored but ten more, only one of which took place this season.

His game count sits at 1,357 pending developments over the wires in the next few days.

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