Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A most discussed Rib

Not since Adam took a nap, has a human rib become the focal point of such attention.

But in Vancouver, the medical reports out of the Canuck’s traveling camp are taking on the urgent missives of world war two reports from the front.

For Roberto Luongo, is on the sidelines suffering from what is cryptically described as a deeply bruised rib, an apparently painful condition that resulted in his relegation to the bench on Monday night in Los Angeles and has had the Canucks summon Drew MacIntyre from Winnipeg to lend aid and assistance while they continue on with their California journey.

The troublesome injury was first incurred a week ago last Sunday in Minnesota, when the Canuck’s all star goaltender and current franchise player took a shot up high, since then he’s been in considerable pain and has had trouble breathing (no doubt the latter a condition that many Canuck fans are suffering from at the moment as well).

So into the fire goes Curtis Sanford, who took the nets in Monday’s contest only to watch his fellow Canucks decide to have a less than focused game on the ice. Sanford could only watch as the Canuck’s missed checking assignments, allowed far too much access to their end of the rink and were offensively challenged for most of the game.

If they’re ready to show that they can survive without the always dependable Luongo, there will be no better opportunity than this California swing. With games to come in Anaheim on Wednesday and then in San Jose, the Canucks will have to offer much more in the way of support to Sanford.

There has been no timeline provided as to when they expect Luongo to be healed enough to return to action, Canuck fans will be hoping that he’s a quick healer, not through any disrespect for his understudy, but more from the realization that as goes Luongo, it seems so go the Canucks.

Right now he’s on the shelf and until he’s fully healed, they had best find ways to win these games on their own. Sanford will be called on to make key saves, but if the Canucks want to do him and themselves a favour, they could take the game to the opposition.

Less scoring chances in the Vancouver end should help shoulder some of the load from Sanford. Who will be facing more than enough pressure in trying to step into the shadows of Luongo.

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