Monday, December 03, 2007

Running up the suspension tab in Philadelphia, running out of patience at the NHL office

They've broken 50 games and it's only December 2nd, the Philadelphia Flyers who will never be mistaken for Pennsylvania Quakers have found themselves at the discipline door once again, this time after a Riley Cote head shot that sent Dallas forward Mat Niskanen into the boards in the third period of the Stars' 4-1 win over the Flyers on Saturday.

He marks time as the fifth Flyer so far this year to find that Colin Campbell is on the phone with some career interruption advice, this time a three game suspension.

It makes for a total of 52 games so far that Flyers will have missed due to their brand of physical play, a collection of illegal hits that many shaking their heads at the lack of control on the ice by the Flyer brigade.

While no one expects them to change the physical nature of the play, it was expected that they would begin to exhibit some respect for their fellow lodge mates in the NHL, and perhaps consider that some of their actions were not the way the game is supposed to be played.

However that does not seem to be the case as yet another Flyer name arrives on the Justice calendar at the NHL offices. Considering the reticence to consider the ramifications of their actions, some in hockey suggest that it may soon come time to have the coach sit out some time as well, until his players learn a little control while on the ice.

In fact with the latest suspension, it is reported that the NHL put the team on notice that organizational discipline is next on the docket should the Flyers continue on with their wild west ways.

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