Saturday, December 01, 2007

Postpone the executions!

What a difference a win can make! On the strength of Toronto's 4-2 victory over Atlanta on Thursday night, the fog of doom seems to have temporarily lifted over the Air Canada centre.

While General Manager John Ferguson was soaking up some rays along Pebble beach and President Richard Peddie was keeping a significantly lower profile around the bunker that seems to have become the Maple Leaf head office; the players were just enjoying placing a win on the books and making plans for Saturday night's contest with the Penguins.

For the time being, talk of replacing head coach Paul Maurice and John Ferguson will take a break, as the feeding frenzy subsides over the recent woes of Central Canada's greatest soap opera.

Perhaps it may be a bit early to put the last week of insanity behind the Leafs, the Thursday night win at least allows them the opportunity to concentrate on the actual game of hockey instead of the board room games seemingly common to the Leafs these days.

Another win on Saturday night would certainly be a beneficial thing for the Leafs, who could use a confidence boost after a rather horrid stretch on the ice, combined with the anarchy that seems to be raging up in the executive offices, where they're not even sure who should be running the team anymore.

More importantly a win on the ice (and another on Saturday), might make for a welcome change for Maurice and Ferguson, who must have been feeling as though they were days away from having a mourning suit handed to them with the obligatory blindfold and cigarette.

For the moment, it seems like the undertakers can put the measuring tape away, for this week anyways.

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