Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stars in a flap over flaps

If you can’t beat them on the ice, try and beat them in the dressing room.

That seems to be the theory from Dallas as the Stars offered up some suspicions over flaps that protrude from his goal pads, flaps that the Stars seem to think provides the all star goaltender with an undue advantage.

Prior to Thursday nights game between the Stars and the Canucks, Stars goaltenders Marty Turco and Mike Smith donned their own version of the Luongo flaps, calling attention to the super size that they suggest may give the Canuck goaltender a super advantage.

In the end, the conspiracy theorists will carry their thoughts with them on to Calgary; the Canucks defeated the Stars 3-2 on Thursday, with Luongo once again showing why he’s one of the league’s best goaltenders. Luongo made 33 saves on the way to the Canuck’s second win this week, making for a thankful bunch of fans at GM Place who admire Luongo for both his goaltending prowess and his fashion sense.

Whether Turco and Smith were serious in their complaints or just trying to mess with Luongo’s head, in short you could say he was unflappable in the Canucks nets Thursday.

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