Friday, December 07, 2007

My hockey card collection never looked like this!

A Boston area artist is taking the task of exposing the past legends of the game to a whole new area, with the release of a series of ahem, portraits, of some famous Boston players au natural.

Called "Everybody Knows That Canadians Were The Best Hockey Players.", Kurt Kauper, has used his imagination to portray such Boston legends as Bobby Orr and Derek Sanderson in the raw, an interesting concept for a game played in such a cold environment.

Rosie DiMano of the Toronto Star examines this most unusual display of hockey art, which is certainly a big stretch from the usual player on skates genre.

Neither Orr or Sanderson have had much to say about the collection, which apparently has sold all but one of the five portraits created. Though Sanderson, never short for a quote provided perhaps the best line about the risque paintings.

"Hey, you know, he has poetic license, he can pretty much bloody well do what he bloody pleases," No. 16 told the Boston Globe. "I just hope he's a good artist."

As they say Derek, it's all in the detail work...

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