Friday, December 28, 2007

Sakic sidelined eight to twelve weeks

Colorado Avalanche fans have found that the Christmas cheer has quickly gone out of the season as word was released on Thursday that Avalanche captain Joe Sakic will have hernia surgery on Friday and may miss up to twelve weeks of action.

Sakic was sidelined Dec. 1 at Los Angeles because of a groin problem and when the situation did not respond to treatment further examination was called for, which resulted in the diagnosis of a hernia and the need for surgery to repair the problem.

Now that he's expected to be out for such a long period of time, the Avalanche have some thinking to do, whether they seek out an experienced hand to tide them over or let the younger players try to carry the load of the missing captain.

They could apply to the NHL for relief from the salary cap, teams can apply for relief for a player out more than 10 consecutive games or 24 days.

The team can exceed the cap up to the amount of the injured player's salary and by using as any replacement players as it wants for that period.

Many might suggest that it will take more than a few players to provide the kind of leadership and impact that Sakic delivered prior to his injury.

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