Friday, December 28, 2007

Goals Galore at GM Place

Thursday nights NHL match up between the Canucks and Flames did not suffer from the turkey dinner induced lethargy of many of the other games of the last few days.

While other teams exhibited signs of mentally still unwrapping their gifts, the Canucks and Flames just took to the ice much like they have over the last many years, ready to hit, ready to shoot and on this particular night ready, oh so ready to score..

Eight goals were scored between the puck drop and the final whistle, a fast moving show of end to end action and crushing checks. The game featured the most unlikely event of Calgary goaltender Mikko Kiprusoff being chased from the game early in the third period having given up five goals on just 19 shots, a most unusual performance from the normally solid Kipper.

His replacement for the rest of the night was Curtis McElhinney, who managed to hold the Canucks off the score sheet for the rest of the night as they found that their five goals were enough to withstand an attempted Calgary comeback.

With a 5-3 victory, the Canucks brought to an end the recent winning ways of the Flames who had put together a remarkable run of wins on the road prior to Thursday's game at GM Place.

For Vancouver, the possibility of the future mimicking the past is off to a good start, it was one year ago that the Canucks turned the post Boxing Day mark as the beginning of a run for their playoff aspirations.

Something that they no doubt hope will repeat itself as they prepare to welcome in 2008.

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