Sunday, May 20, 2012

Game Four -- Phoenix at Los Angeles-- May 20, 2012

They'll be packing brooms around the Staples Centre today and it won't just be the much overworked arena changeover crew that will be holding them.

The Los Angeles Kings can finish off the Phoenix Coyotes today with a four game sweep of their best of seven series, a remarkable thing at the best of times and something the Kings have already accomplished once in this playoff season against the Blues and nearly did with the Canucks in round one.

Judging by the roll the Kings have been on through April and May, the Coyotes could very well be the latest statistic by 3 PM LA time today.

If so, it will be with the gratitude of the Staples Arena maintenance team, a group which has had their work well documented on both NHL and NBA broadcasts this weekend, owing to the nature of their skills at changing over a Basketball court to a hockey rink and vice versa over the last 48 hours or so.

The Kings too have been performing at a standard that would gain them envy from the work crews at Staples, making quick work of the Coyotes in three games, outplaying, out hitting and most importantly of all out scoring Phoenix, bringing that crazy little Stanley Cup dream near an end and now to the brink of elimination.

The Coyotes play of the last few games has been marked by uncharacteristic sloppy play and far too many penalties, something that the Kings have jumped on and taken advantage of frequently through games one through three.

The old cliche in hockey is that you have to take one game at a time and for Phoenix on the cusp of the end of their season, that has never been more true.  The Problem is the Kings probably understand that concept as well and like much of this series and those before it, the Kings for the most part have found the way to win that one game the moves them forward.

Sunday may yet be another one of those key moments for hockey in LA, with both of the NBA teams based in Southern California struggling in their playoff series, the Kings may very well have the LA sports spotlight to the themselves by the end of next week.

That prospect alone, should give them the incentive to finish the Coyotes off sooner than later, offering them the chance to bathe in LA's sports spotlight all by themselves.

Game Three-- Phoenix Coyotes 2 at Los Angeles Kings 0 

Los Angeles leads the series 3 games to 1

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