Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stanley Cup Finals 2012 -- Los Angeles vs New Jersey

A moment if you will for Gary Bettman, his dream match up of a New York - Los Angeles media spectacular dashed as quick as a John Tortorella rant, though perhaps Mr. Bettmans dream is forgotten quicker, than those legendary Tortorella rants we would think.

Regardless, what could have been will not be, leaving a few NHL bigwigs more than a little disappointed in their fate, though for a dissenting opinion on that the loquacious Pete DeBoer please.

Not quite Patton at the Bulge and NUTS, but you get the drift..

The long skate to the NHL Stanley Cup Finals is almost complete, the Devils and the Kings the two teams left on the ice, one team relatively well rested, the other having taken a little bit longer to make the journey to the finals.

The Kings made quick work of their competition, first the Canucks, then the Blues and most recently the Coyotes, a total of fourteen games til their date with Stanley.

The Devils on the other hand went eighteen games before they could move on to the finals, all three of their series a much larger challenge than what the Kings appeared to have to suffer, so if nothing else Los Angeles should be well rested and relatively injury free heading into this final series.

From this anchor page we'll track the progress of Stanley Cup Final, the results, previews and reviews and feature items can all be found, simply by clicking on each game as they pass by on our calendars.

Before we focus on the series to come, perhaps a review of how these two teams arrived on Stanley's doorstep.

Eastern Conference

New Jersey vs Florida
New Jersey vs Philadelphia
New Jersey vs New York Rangers

Western Conference

Los Angeles vs Vancouver
Los Angeles vs St. Louis
Los Angeles vs Phoenix

Stanley Cup Playoffs 2012 Schedule and Results

Series coverage from

All Games on CBC, RDS, NBC or NBC Sportsnet

Los Angeles leads the series 3 games to 2

May 31-- Los Angeles 2  New Jersey 1 (OT) 
June 2-- Los Angeles 2 at New Jersey 1 (OT) 
June 4-- New Jersey 0 at Los Angeles 4
June 6-- New Jersey 3 at Los Angeles 1 
June 9-- Los Angeles 1 at New Jersey 2
June 11-- New Jersey at Los Angeles 8 PM ET, 5 PT, CBC, NBC Sportsnet
June 13-- Los Angeles at New Jersey 8 PM ET, 5 PT, CBC, NBC Sportsnet (if required)

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