Sunday, May 13, 2012

Game One-- Los Angeles Kings at Phoenix Coyotes -- May 13, 2012

Two improbable teams, at least for those handicapping the start of these 2012 playoffs will face off for the Western Conference title this evening, the Los Angeles Kings, the dragon slayers of these playoffs thus far taking on the Phoenix Coyotes, a team which many feel should have long ago been either moved or disbanded.

Such is the strange nature of the NHL some days, teams built with money and star quality fall to the side, while others like the Coyotes, built with bailing wire and held together with gum it seems, show that team play and belief can take you a long ways.

The Kings by virtue of their easy dismissal of the Canucks and then the Blues have knocked off to the two top teams of the NHL West, sticking to coach Darryl Sutter's defensive stylings while adding offensive and relying on the steady goaltending of Jonathan Quick.

A combination of skill sets that took both the Canucks and Blues by surprise and announced the Kings as a force to be reckoned with in this playoff year.

Likewise, the Coyotes have relied on outstanding goaltending, strong defensive play and timely scoring to  knock down their competitors one after the other,  first Chicago and then Nashville. The latter series one where the Coyotes outplayed the Predators, beating them at a style of their very own, without the added drama of benching players.

Both teams have arrived at the Western final on their own merits, and bring with them a series that will rely heavily on goaltending and perhaps one or two lucky bounces to determine a winner.

Game One-- Los Angeles 4 at Phoenix 2

Los Angeles leads the series 1 game to 0

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