Monday, May 14, 2012

Round Three-- New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers

The  Big Apple Showdown may soon get the moniker the PATH series, named after the trains that run between Newark and New York stations, one of the preferred methods of transportation between New Jersey and New York.

It is perhaps as anticipated a series that New Yorkers and those in New Jersey could have hoped for, a battle between the city and the state across the Hudson, fans loyalties like those on the ice, at times drifting beyond mere cheering or playing.

The hostilities of the fan base as tense as those between the teams, though with a Stanley Cup berth on the line, one imagines that the players at least may keep things within the legalities, for the most part...

Still for Gary Bettman, this is about as good a playoff run as he he could have hoped for, the Rangers and Devils stoking the rivalries of the leagues largest market, the Kings making strides for a Stanley Cup appearance to give them the same resonance as the Lakers and Clippers.

The Kings hopeful that they will in the end representing the West. The Rangers and Devils will begin their battle tonight for the right to represent the Big Apple, the biggest stage that the NHL has to offer awaits the winner.

Series Schedule and Results

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NEW JERSEY wins the series 4 games to 2 

May 14-- New Jersey 0 at NY Rangers 3
May 16-- New Jersey 3 at NY Rangers 2
May 19-- NY Rangers 3 at New Jerseey 0 
May 21-- NY Rangers 1 at New Jersey 4
May 23-- New Jersey 5 at NY Rangers 3 
May 25-- NY Rangers 2 at New Jersey 3 (OT)

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