Friday, May 25, 2012

Simple solution to Coyote concerns, fine the owner!

News item:  The Phoenix Coyotes are under investigation for some of their actions after losing the NHL's Western Conference final to the Los Angeles Kings.

The visual was kind of interesting we must admit, the final two minutes or so of the Western Final had all the ingredients for a scene out of West Side Story, a nasty hit, possibly accidental or possibly illegal or dirty, (all depending on your point of view) left one of the Coyotes to be helped off the ice in visible pain.

From that point of the overtime frame the Coyotes clearly lost their focus, still angered by the non call, perhaps spurred on by a crowd that was more than a little hostile to both the Kings and the referees, the Coyotes let the emotion of the moment distract from the task at hand, that of beating the Kings and extending the series.

So, as is the case when these things happen, the Kings shortly after scored the winning goal, chaos erupted at (perhaps the first time in that arena's history that any visible form of emotion has erupted) and the glaring began.

Beyond the threats to the officiating staff by Martin Hanzal or the out loud ruminations of a fix by Mike Smith, there was that rather uncomfortable hand shake line, where perhaps the Arizona State Police should have been dispatched to watch over the post game salutations.

They did manage to make it through the handshakes without a line brawl, though it did seem close didn't it?

And now, it seems there will be an investigation, trying to determine if the Coyotes went beyond the usual expressions of regret of a season at end.

Of course, we're not sure what exactly you do with a franchise that technically has no one in charge, the Coyotes the seemingly never ending wards of the state that they are, have been league run for a few years now, so if Colin Campbell feels the urge to fine or suspend Coyote officials and/or players, where exactly to start?

In most cases when a team lets things get as close to out of control as they were a few nights back in Phoenix, the punishment starts at the top and works its way down the line.

So, ahem, Mr. Bettman, a moment of your time please, we'd like to talk about your hockey team...

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