Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Mr. Bettman's Arizona Sunrise

The timing is exquisite, just as the Phoenix Coyotes are suddenly thrust into the hockey spotlight for actual hockey reasons, the Commissioner unveils yet another candidate to take over the league owned cattle of the Arizona frontier, a collective under NHL care since 2009.

This one, Greg Jamison, apparently ready to bring along a few other investors (though not apparently ready to reveal who they might be), providing the terms are right and the folks of Glendale are amenable to a few ideas, such as oh lets say some movement of the rights to the arena.

The reviews thus far of the hopeful word from Gary Bettman seem to be tempered with caution, more than a few NHL insiders apparently have whispered that they're not sure that the Jamison group is as flush in cash as the Commissioner might suggest.

Not to mention, that while Glendale City Council may be coming around to the idea of more subsidies for pro hockey (though we imagine the recently laid off city workers and those suffering reduction in civic services might disagree with that idea) we have yet to hear from the Goldwater Institute, the thorn in Gary Bettman's side, or as he likes to refer to them "third parties".

Those "parties", have scuppered more than one trial balloon from the NHL, drawing a line in the desert sand that the NHL frequently tries to cross over, but never gets to finish.

So one imagines, that while the Coyotes on the ice are on the ride of their lives, the future is still rather confusing and far from certain.

Still, we don't want to be complete party poopers, so for the moment, optimism it seems reigns in Phoenix, offering the Commissioner the opportunity to hold a news conference, showing the Board of Governors that he's on the file,  carefully massaging the prospective deal towards what he hopes is finality.

At times though, it does seem like the entire Coyotes saga is something that would have fit into the plot line of Glengary Glen Ross.

In the end however, once the Coyotes playoff run on the ice has come to a conclusion, we imagine we'll find out if the folks of Arizona will still have a hockey team to call their own and more importantly we guess, if those same fans that somehow discovered hockey in the spring will pony up the bucks for tickets come fall.

Of course, all of this is just prospectin' as they say, there's no actual name on a document yet, nor transfer of ownership and no flashy press conference to outline the future of the Coyotes.

In short, we've yet to learn if Mr. Jamison and his group are all hat, but in the end no cattle!

It's been a long and dusty trail this pursuit of the Coyotes, the recent twist in the saga has been reviewed by many, some of their thoughts can be found below.

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