Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh Johnny boy, we shall miss you... until next season!

His post game conferences became instant ads to the You Tube universe, all be it short films if ever there were.

We're not sure what the genre would be but snarky perhaps best defines the emotional detachment that the head coach of the New York Rangers had towards the assembled media throng post and pre game over these past playoff days.

And now, it's all gone, silence has descended upon Gotham City, the Rangers eliminated, the coach now mute.

His quick and at times less than informative answers  provided for much enjoyment for those far removed from the actual press conference room, where at times you could see frost forming on the camera lenses as the coach and his inquisitors square off for another session of Anger Management.

The coaches of the Kings and the Devils, while clearly hockey tacticians, don't have that Manhattan flair that Tortorella brought to our television screens, night after night.

The hockey will go on into June, four games more maybe seven, all of them without the occasional wit, sporadic wisdom, stony stares and glares of John Tortorella.

All we have are the memories, snippets of snark to hold us over until September.


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And for added effect, a little music to go with our snark.
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