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IIHF Championships: Canada vs France -- May 7, 2012

After a hard hitting, but losing battle against their continental cousins, Canada returns to IIHF action on Monday with a game against France.

The Canadians will have to shake off the loss to the USA and re-direct their attention to the task at hand, regaining their momentum and not getting surprised by the French who collected their first victory of the tournament when they topped Kazakhstan, a game which was rather nasty by European standards with some 63 penalty minutes assessed over the 60 minutes of play.

Canada will face off against a familiar face in the nets for France, Christobel Huet who spent some time in the NHL, is one of the keys for France, his goaltending provides the opportunity for the French to take some chances and add a few goals towards the win, in the Kazakhstan game the success of the French was attributed to their not making many mistakes, a trend they will have to double down on when the play  Canada should they wish to remain close.

Canada sends Devan Dubnyk to the goal crease, marking for his first start in world competition, over the last two tournaments Dubnyk has played but bits and pieces of two games over two years.  So, to say he's well rested would be an understatement, though with a new coach behind the bench there is at least a bit of Alberta loyalty at place as the Oilers goaltender makes his debut start.

While history suggests that the French may not be a major obstacle for the Canadians to get back on track, Canada's history in IIHF Championships does have its moments where a surprise pops up from time to time, after a long and emotional game against the USA, Canada will need to remain on focus towards the goal of the medal round.

They shouldn't really have too much in the way of trouble from the French, but sometimes when you least expect it things have a way of getting away, no doubt Brent Sutter will be keeping the players aware of that possibility until the final horn.

May 7-- Team Canada 7 vs France 2

Canada has 2 wins and an OT loss in the tournament so far

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