Thursday, November 08, 2007

Any room for Redden?

They've been backing up the Brinks trucks rather regularly at Scotiabank place these last few weeks, as the Ottawa Senators secure the services of the key players to the franchises' future plans.

Jason Spezza, Mike Fisher and Dany Heatley are just the latest in autographs collected on contract extensions by the Sens GM Brian Murray. All glad to be putting down further roots in Ottawa and making the run for Stanley their main priority.

Those with time on their hands have been doing some quick addition and come up with the equation that multiple millions for Spezza, Heatley, et al leaves little left in the kitty for Senator rear guard Wade Redden, who finds his contract coming to an end next summer.

Redden has been a part of the Senators defensive corps since 1996 has tentatively waded into the discussion with a few comments that may cause his agent to reach for some nitro spray, Redden says he would be willing to consider a hometown discount on his 6.5 million dollar salary in order to remain with the Red, White and Black juggernaut currently assembled for coach John Paddock.

It's indicative of the style of the player, who is a quiet leader of this team and while struggling from time to time has more than proven his worth to the Sens over the years.

While cashing in on the big money trains of some other franchises who could use a little help on the defense (hello there hockey fans of Toronto and Vancouver), Redden says that he has been doing his own number crunching to try and determine where he feels his bottom line will be.

Once they resuscitate agent Don Meehan, Redden will talk things over with his representative to see how they will approach the looming elephant of contract negotiations.

It's hard to keep everyone happy under the new salary structure, but for Ottawa the lure of being a contender for the Stanley Cup seems to be the best negotiating tool that they have, the fact that a quality defenceman like Redden is inclined to leave a bit of money on the table, tells a lot about the character of the player and the atmosphere of the team.

Hopefully for Redden, the Sens can find a way to cobble together a package that comes close to his financial inclinations. By approaching the potentially disruptive issue as he has, he has more than proven his dedication to this team, with a little luck and some sharp pencils perhaps the Sens can find a way to reward his loyalty.
Ottawa Sun- Redden: 'More than money'

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