Monday, November 26, 2007

If not now, when?

It's stay the course time for the Maple Leaf nation, with Blue and White taking it on the chin in Arizona on Saturday night to the tune of a 5-1 thrashing, one might be thinking that a change is set to come.

But not according to General Manager John Ferguson, who is nothing if but loyal to the line up he has compiled for this season, holding back on any drastic trades or movements at the moment. Ferguson did admit that he was seeking ways to address his teams shortcomings, but a general house cleaning is not apparently in the cards.
And any talk of head coach Paul Maurice being in trouble was dismissed by Ferguson and echoed by the players.
From Captain Mats Sundin who suggests the Leafs still have time to turn things around through and gave his coach his full backing, advising that he feels that Maurice has "done a great job since he got here."

Sundin and his team mates are taking some of the rap for the poor performance, claiming that they have to work harder and that they are prepared well for each game by their embattled coach, yet they seem to have a problem in putting that preparation into play.

The Leafs are currently on a losing skid, on the wrong end of the score in six of their last seven games and presently holding down 27th spot overall in a thirty team league. They are much closer to the Washington Capitals than they are to the Ottawa Senators, a situation that is not lost on their faithful if long suffering fans.

While it's commendable for the players to admit to their shortcomings, unless they rectify them on the ice, it's a safe bet that the howls for change will continue to come from the ticket holders and media types who follow them.
Many of whom it would seem saw enough in the last week to demand changes fast.

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