Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Top Shelf

We begin a new feature for the blog this week, a forum for reviewing some of the books, DVD's and other items that make following hockey so enjoyable.

I'm calling it The Top Shelf, that special corner of the net where all the exciting goals go and where we will place some of the items of interest that we come across during both the hockey season and the off season.

The idea came for the feature came about during the summer, when I was contacted by a representative of Random House Books, to see if I was interested in looking over some of their new hockey books soon to come out.

Summer as it turned out proved to be a little too hectic to take on the opportunity, so I let that opportunity slide. Kicking myself all through the summer and into the training camp period.

Fortunately for me, Kate at Random House Canada is a tad persistent and the offer was there again as the hockey season got under way. This time I said that it sounded like a fine idea and well, here we are, ready to launch our first look at some of the books that could very well be under some hockey fans Christmas tree or sticking out of a stocking this holiday season.

I happen to have a fairly large hockey library of my own at home, some classic gems and some other efforts that weren't quite so entertaining, so there's quite a bit of material available to keep this item a going concern for a fairly long period of time.

I'll look at all items for the feature in a objective and honest manner, if there is something about a book, DVD or other item that strikes me as leaving the reader frustrated or disappointed I'll mention it. But having been a life long reader of many hockey books, I have found that there's usually some hidden gems of information in almost all that I have read. Though to be fair, some authors certainly have a better way of telling a story than others.

We'll also expand the project beyond books as things progress, but for the most part I think it will be a good way to check out many of the stacks of hockey books that keep those few Canadian pulp mill still in operation going at full title!

Our first book is one I've been looking forward to cracking open for a couple of months now, King of Russia, A year in the Russian Super League by Dave King and Eric Duhatschek. We're putting the finishing touches on the item and should have it posted shortly.
I hope you enjoy it and the ones that will follow. As always, if you wish to add to anything you see on this blog, just take the time to leave a comment in the comments section at the bottom of each post.
An archive of all of the selections covered in the featured can be found on the left hand index of the blog.


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