Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's all about accountability

A hockey player that is thinking of the fantasy pool players, it's a strange little world that hockey exists in nowadays.

Marian Gaborik has made a bit of news in the last few days after his apology for his low production numbers this year, an apology that he has made to the fantasy pool players of the world. While he's had injury problems of his own this year, he still casts an eye to the bench and up into the executive boxes for the dearth of scoring from the Wild.

Making note of the defensive style of the Wild this year he highlighted the strategy of Jacques Lemaire's team and pointed a finger in the direction of management. "When developing this team it is obvious that management paid no attention to fantasy owners, but instead selfishly decided that winning games was more important."

While pool players will no doubt appreciate his candor, he may find that ice time gets harder to come by if he's not on the same page as his coach and GM. However, it doesn't seem to really matter at the moment if he's on the ice or on the bench, regardless the Wild are not a scoring machine. Gaborik himself is struggling with five goals and ten assists thus far after 14 games played.

Friday night's match with the Canucks didn't do much for the poolie foolish enough to compose a roster with Minnesota players on it. Minnesota struggled to keep up the pace and ended up on the wrong end of the 6-2 score against Vancouver.

A scoring trend which if it continues, will no doubt allow for more colourful comments from the would be (if he only was allowed to be) Minnesota sniper.

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