Saturday, November 17, 2007

Toronto celebrates V--O day

The celebrations will last long into the night, the Toronto media having already held the post mortem over their local heroes, suddenly have one night to hold high as a symbol that all could be right in Leafland.

On a Saturday night, on Hockey Night in Canada no less, the Mighty LeafNation can raise a ruckus, The Toronto Maple Leafs have slayed the Ottawa Senators. Handing the Sens their third loss of the season, a rather convincing victory 3-0 made mainly in the third period, in front of an appreciative crowd.

The game was a close affair for the first two frames of the game, a close checking match which didn't see it's first goal until close to the end of forty minutes, the Leafs came out in the third and held off an Ottawa attack and added two goals to their own side of the ledger, despite being outshot by the Sens 10-8 in the final period.

The same collection of souls that booed the leafs off the ice last week, and flooded the Toronto talk shows with venom, were standing by the end of Saturday nights game, saluting Mats, Vesa and even Mr. McCabe, the whipping horse for most of the season thus far, over all that has gone wrong in Leaf livery.

From fearful thoughts of another embarrassing loss at home, the Air Canada crowd instead were gleeful in their praise of the hometown boys counting down the dwindling seconds with giddy anticipation.

As they say in the newspaper business, "get me re-write!"

National Post-- Leafs stun Senators

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