Monday, November 26, 2007

Hello Bryzgyy, bye bye Abbie

At one time he was considered the guy that would bring some stability to the nets of two high profile NHL teams, and now he’s checking for his passport and he’s Switzerland bound.

With the acquisition of Ilya Bryzgalov from the Anaheim Ducks and his subsequent winning streak on behalf of the Coyotes, Phoenix has dug deep into their farm system and “loaned” goaltender David Aebischer to HC Lugano of the Swiss elite league.

Not a surprising thing considering he had only appeared in one Coyote game all year and had fallen to fourth on the Dog food chain of coyote goaltenders, lost in the lower regions of the Coyote farm system.

His transfer to Lugano was made necessary when the Coyotes demoted Alex Auld off their NHL roster to make room for Bryzgalov, dropping Aebischer to the fringes of the witness relocation program.

Aebischer who first came to North America in 2000, has had some pretty impressive if less than successful stops on his NHL resume, first with the Colorado Avalanche fresh off their highlight reel years and then over to the legendary Montreal Canadiens (notoriously hard on their goaltenders). In both locations he was thought of as possibly the next Patrick Roy, but never seemed to measure up to the suit that had been made for him.

While it’s considered a loan, all the tea leaves suggest his move back to Switzerland could most likely be a lease to buy for Lugano, bringing to an end to his North American wanderings, the last stop of which was the less than historical hockey stop of San Antonio, the spot where Aebischer met his Alamo.

Things seem to be a bit brighter for him in Lugano, he won his first game with his new team a 2-1 decision that he reportedly "instilled tranquillity to the defence zone." And no doubt some tranquillity for the goaltender now away from the high pressure roller coaster of the NHL.

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