Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sens set sights on record tonight

Oh the poetic justice of it all, the Ottawa Senators find themselves poised to set a new record tonight for most points after fourteen games, and only the Toronto maple Leafs stand in the way.

With 28 other teams that could possibly have been scheduled into tonight’s slot, the hockey stars have aligned to bring perhaps the most heated rival in the league into town to try and stop the Sens from an early skate with destiny.

A win, either in regulation time, overtime or a shoot out will propel the Sens two more points up the standings list, making their start 13 and 1 and providing them with 26 points.

A tally that will surpass the 2005 Red Wings and last years Buffalo Sabres who both recorded 25 points out of fourteen games.

Never needing an incentive to ratchet up the nasty feelings, the prospect of becoming the Sens victims and subsequent trivia question answer, should give the Leafs more than enough desire to battle it out for the full sixty minutes tonight.

Both match ups thus far this season have been close games, with Ottawa surviving by one goal in each of the games that started the season for both clubs.

For hockey fans with Sportsnet in Ontario and East and those with the Centre Ice package it will be well worth the while tuning in for tonight’s game. The rest of us will have to make do with the Internet or satellite radio broadcasts of this most anticipated game early into the season.

They probably didn’t think that a record would be on the line when the schedule maker drew up game number fourteen, but the fact that there’s an added story line to the game only adds interest to what normally would be just another game on the schedule.

Though if you think about it, when the Leafs and Sens match up there’s really never "just another game", more like yet another skirmish in the long running Battle of Ontario.

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