Friday, November 16, 2007

One stop hockey surfing

If you've got a bit of time on your hands and looking to spend your idle hours digging deep into the world of hockey, you may wish to direct your browser to a blog called Japers' Rink.

It's an ambitious project put together by a couple of Washington Capital fans, who have seemingly spent hours and hours surfing the net, in search of a wide variety of links to everything and anything to do with hockey.

Like a McDonald's sign for hockey, they offer up over 1600 links and counting, to teams, league information, blogs, newspapers, message boards and on and on they go.

You can find your favourite team, take a quick look at the links and see if there's something out there that you've been missing all these years. Utilizing the snap preview system, you get a thumbnail look at the website before you even click on its contents, a neat idea that comes in handy after a few hours of viewing.

Kudos to them for a great looking blog, a fairly reliable looking reference for hockey fans looking for more than just the scores of the night.

Of course, we direct you to their portal on the puck, only as long as there is an implied agreement between us that you will return to the HockeyNation for your hockey fix as well!

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