Thursday, November 15, 2007

The home side rallies to Avery's side

While Sean Avery prepares his legal offensive against Howard Berger and the Rogers empire in Toronto, the folks from the Bowery to Staten Island, as well as those in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx as well (we assume Long Island is a no go area) all seem to be coming to the aid of their agitator.

The comments section to the Blueshirt blog part of the Daily News Rangers coverage ,is full of glowing praise for Avery and takes some well placed shots at such hockey luminaries as Don Cherry, Darcy Tucker and Gary Roberts and anyone in the NHL head office who carries a Canadian passport.

My particular favourite quote of the bunch comes from Bob an apparent Ranger booster, sayeth Bob: "The hypocrisy of Campbell's action speak volumes about the NHL's ANTI NY RANGER bias. The NHL is run by a bunch of inept CANUCLEHEADS!"

Little does Bob realize it, but he has a fair amount in common with those "Canuckleheads" (notice the "k" there, spelling is everything Bob!) above the 49th.
For a good many of the citizenry replace the term Canuclehead with a league run by , out of touch, greedy, incompetent, arrogant Americans and the quote could have come from any bar, pub or tavern in the country.

Perhaps we ought to invite Bob up for a beer and discuss things, we suspect that he'd find our hospitality knows no bounds after one or two Canadians, eh Bob!

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