Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Property transfer the latest twist in the Moore/Bertuzzi proceedings

The acrimonious state of the Steve Moore/Todd Bertuzzi legal battles took another turn for the nasty on Tuesday, as the Toronto Star reported that Steve Moore's lawyer is questioning a property transfer that took place mere weeks after the infamous on ice incident on March 8, 2004.

On that night Bertuzzi struck Moore from behind and drove Moore's head into the ice in one of the ugliest of NHL on ice incidents in recent history. Moore's career for all intents and purposes appears to have ended that night.

Unable to play anymore and cut loose by the Colorado Avalanche shortly after, Moore and his lawyer have since then been seeking legal redress over the incident, in a quest for $15 million for lost wages and pain and suffering.

The latest legal approach has the Moore side suspecting the worst over the property transfer, which placed the sole title of the land in the hands of Mrs. Bertuzzi for the price of two dollars.

The two sides recently made news when word came out that a deal considered as a low ball offer was made by the Bertuzzi side, an approach that was rebuffed by the Moore lawyers as an insulting bit of work.

Judging by the entrenchment of the two sides, it may be a long, long time before the case is eventually resolved one way or the other.

A guarantee of employment for the legal firms, but also a guarantee of continued uncertainty for both Bertuzzi and Moore.

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