Saturday, November 24, 2007

An entertaining lecture from Professor King

Friday night on Dan Russell's sports talk show, a program heard nightly on CKNW, was almost like a guest speaker session at your local university or community college.

The course: International Industry, the hockey industry and how it is evolving in Russia

The Professor: Dave King, former NHL coach, Canadian Hockey program coach and most recently a coach in the Russian Super League.

We recently took a look at his new book King of Russia as part of our Top Shelf feature. The book which was co-authored by Eric Duhatsheck, provided a fascinating look inside the Russian super league and recounted some of the more memorable moments that King and his wife Linda shared during their year and a bit while living inside Russia.

King spent an hour, going over some of the highlights that he selected for his book and it was a fast moving and highly entertaining discussion as he reviewed many of the events and personalities that made his year a memorable one.

You can listen in to the interview for the next couple of weeks by accessing the CKNW audio vault and selecting, Friday, November 23rd and then the 10-11 pm hour.

It's great way to whet your appetite for the book, which will take you into parts of the Russian hockey structure that few Canadians have seen or been allowed to venture into, many places that still stand out in King's mind to this day.

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