Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Could have been worse, could have been the Tin Man...

"Well were big hockey players
We got golden sticks 
and we're loved everywhere we go (well Except Philadelphia)
And  the thrill we'll never know 
is the thrill we'll get on the cover of the Daily News"

Loosely interpreted from (and with apologies to) Dr. Hook's, Cover of a Rolling Stone

Putting aside the obvious hostilities, some rivalries just seem to find their groove.

Sidney Crosby's outburst in Philadelphia has provided for some tabloid fun, as the Philadelphia Daily News provides their interpretation of Crosby's character flaws.

The Philly paper's pictorial salute has gone quite viral, hitting the twitter world in full force and no doubt spurring on sales of ancient forest supplies in the greater Philadelphia area.

Globe and Mail-- Philadelphia paper labels Crosby "The Cowardly Penguin" on cover
National Post-- Sidney Crosby is "The Cowardly Penguin' according to Philadelphia newspaper
CBC-- Paper depicts Sidney Crosby as Cowardly Lion
Deadspin-- Philadelphia Daily News Puts "The Cowardly Penguin" On its cover
Philadelphia Daily News-- Crosby responds to Daily News cover
Pittsburgh Post Gazette-- Crosby let his play serve as answer to his critics
Yahoo Sports-- Sidney Crosby is the Cowardly Penguin on Philadelphia Daily News cover

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