Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Game Four -- Canucks and Kings, April 18, 2012

Win or go home, that's the mantra for the Vancouver Canucks who face a steep challenge on Wednesday night, that of winning a game they have to claim victory in and to go with that, find a way to put a puck behind Jonathan Quick.

The LA goaltender has been one of the keys to the Kings success in this first round, shutting down an offence that up until the last few weeks of the NHL season, was one of the most potent that the NHL had to offer.

To say the Canucks scoring slump came at a bad time is an understatement, the Canucks featuring an anemic power play have to find a way to score and a way to win if they wish to keep playing in this playoff season.

To that end, they turn to Cory Schneider in nets and rumbles continue that Daniel Sedin may return to action in this do or die playoff game.  The latter a decision we hope the Canucks make with great thought, it's one thing to admire Sedin's will to play, the tougher decision would be to sit him out for his own health.

That decision more than any other tonight may be the biggest the Canucks have to make.

Game Four -- Vancouver 3 at Los Angeles 1

Los Angeles leads the series 3 games to 1

Previews and Reviews

Post Game

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Pre Game

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