Saturday, April 28, 2012

Round Two-- New Jersey Devils at Philadelphia Flyers

The Battle of Pennsylvania is over, but a new border war is about to flare up as the Devils and Flyers travel up and down the Jersey turnpike.

Goaltending will no doubt be a focus, the good (hello marty) and the uh, questionable (Bryzy how ya feel in').

Depending on how it all evolves, it could be an interesting series for any number of themes.

Series Schedule and Results

Series coverage from

All games on CBC

DEVILS WIN the series 3 games to 1

April 29-- New Jersey 3 at Philadelphia 4 (OT) 
May 1-- New Jersey 4 at Philadelphia 1 
May 3-- Philadelphia 3 at New Jersey 4 (OT)  
May 6-- Philadelphia 2 at New Jersey 4   
May 8-- New Jersey 3 at Philadelphia 1 

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