Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Let the punishment fit the crime (kind of, sort of, maybe)

Justice Brendan Shanahan has been working a little overtime, weighing the important decisions of the state of the NHL, seeking to divine justice and  / or reign in the wild west nature of the last few days of the 2012 playoffs.

So far, the cause of fair play and player protection seems to be taking a bit of licking...

Some suggest and we are in that camp, that the tone of the playoff mayhem was set with Shanahan's slap on the wrist of Shea Weber, who crushed Henrik Zetterberg's head into the glass in Nashville back in game one.  The tepid fine of 2500 dollars in some minds that it was the start of the frontier justice that overtook the actual hockey on the ice this weekend past.

With the visuals of multiple indiscretions still fresh in view, the Justice Minister for Gary Bettman's league government set to closing a barn door or two, all be it, well after the wild horses had long since left the ranch.

Still, at some point somebody had to do something, a little light and a little short of what many feel needs to be done, the messages mixed as they are and late as they have been, have begun to be delivered.

One wonders if it's not just a little bit too late to do any good.

The Playoff punishments of Brendan Shanahan

April 18-- Pending: Raffi Torres hit on Marian Hossa

April 17-- Capitals C Nicklas Backstrom suspended 1 game for intent to injure penalty
April 17-- Penguins' Asham suspended for four games
April 17-- Penguin's Neal suspended for one game
April 17-- Blackhawks' Shaw suspended three games
April 16-- Pens' Adams suspended one game, Bylsma fined
April 16-- NHL fines Sens' Konopka, club for pre-game conduct
April 15-- Rangers Carl Hagelin suspended 3 games, Senators Matt Carkner penalized 1 game
April 12-- Canucks' Byron Bitz suspended 2 games for slamming Kings Kyle Clifford into boards
April 12-- Predators' Weber fined $2,500

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