Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Other hockey pools you may wish to explore...

The Stanley Cup Playoffs bring out the competitive nature of more than the players, hockey fans across the world like to test their hockey smarts against the fates with any number of hockey pool challenges,

There's the obvious, pick the teams that will survive the four rounds required to claim Lord Stanley's Cup.

As well as the pool that asks its participants to pick the players who will gain the most points over the course of the two month plus tournament.

However, considering recent events, we wonder if perhaps a few more pools are not in order.

There's the pool to predict which team will accumulate the most penalty majors and suspensions through the playoffs.

The pool that will predict which coach will accumulate the most fines over comments about sub-sub-sub standard officiating.

A fast growing entry to the hockey pool theme, How many times Gary Bettman will say "the play is under review by the Player Safety Department, you're asking me to prejudge".

The pool that will offer up the name of the player most likely to face an attempted manslaughter charge by the time June rolls around

And a companion pool on that theme, one to offer up the name of the player that will require the most extensive time in intensive care.

Best get your predictions in quick, players are going fast, literally!

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