Saturday, April 07, 2012

Saddle Up Saturday

For many teams (especially those eliminated long, long ago) this day perhaps seemed like it would never arrive, but after a long season which started back on October 6th, those that will play no more will be relieved of their burdens.

While those who have survived the cut, will make their preparations for post season hockey and the marathon to come.

The final day of the regular NHL season offers up all thirty teams in action, some with important work to do, others with thoughts of airing  out the Winnebago and getting a head start on the summer vacation.

Outside of the Penguins and Flyers, who will recreate the storming of Normandy prior to their first round playoff series, all other teams that have qualified for post season (sorry Toronto, Montreal et al, better luck next year ) are still seeking out dance partners for the first round, Saturday night providing the opportunity to move up or down depending on how the hockey gods and any mystery sticks play out.

This final Saturday of the regular season will set the playoff matches of next week, with the opening round getting under way somewhere on Wednesday night.

Hanging in the balance from today's action are flight plans and hotel reservations, all of which will be cleared up before the midnight hour on the west coast.

Today's schedule from the NHL website, any number of changes could be made to the seeding table by the time the final horn sounds.

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