Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Kevin Lowe Recruiting Sergeant

Kevin Lowe has his marching orders and now he's looking for a few good men to fill out his roster selections.

Lowe is the General Manager for Team Canada's entry in the World Hockey Championships, the tournament that has kind of become the consolation prize of the eliminated of the NHL, or for some, the main reason to keep call display on their phones and make sure that no one answers the phone around the house.

This years World Championships take place in Finland and Sweden with puck drop just one month away.

While a good number of NHL players probably feel that if they can't play in the Stanley Cup playoffs it's best to just head off to the golf course, there are more than a few others that have no hesitation in taking the call and signing on for some European travel.

It is the recruiting process that always seems to be the difficult thing however, Hockey Canada has in the past suggested that some of Canada's top players that may be available for the tournament seem to forget their roots when the call rings through on the phone.

For some, a call from the GM of the World Championship team is about as welcome as that unsolicited robo call or telemarketer pitch that always seems to arrive at the dinner hour.

The solution to that problem this year seems to be tied in with the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics, the suggestion being that those that sign on for the World Championships will be looked upon more favourably when the short list is made up for Sochi.

That however is still a few years off, the more immediate concern is putting together the best possible combination of players to try to wrestle the world championship away from the European and American entries.

To that cause, Mr. Lowe is now on the phone...

Globe and Mail-- Team Canada starts world hockey recruiting drive

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