Friday, April 06, 2012

Twenty thousand for venting

Perhaps next time he'll count to twenty instead, then again considering his anger with the subject of his outburst, maybe not.

The NHL doubled down on fines this week, upping the ante on Peter Laviolette's outburst last Sunday over the Penguins, to double the numeric cost of expressing one's opinion on the hockey morality of the showcase franchise.

Rangers head coach John Tortorella is twenty thousand dollars lighter in the bank account today, after the NHL slapped a fine on him for his post game ruminations on the Pittsburgh Penguins, their stars and management.

Tortorella was upset after a knee on knee hit by Penguins defence man Brooks Orpik on Ranger forward Derek Stepan.


Categorizing the on ice incident as a cheap, dirty hit, Tortorella wondered aloud for the post game press scrum as to what would happen if the same thing took place on the Penguins "two whining stars".

Going further he expressed little respect for the Penguin management, suggesting that they are among the most arrogant groups in hockey at the moment.

It was a rather emotion filled rant that seemed to put him into Team Milbury in the great debate over the status of the Penguins in the NHL strata, one which with the twin shots from Laviolette and now Tortorella, would seem to have the Penguins taking over the role of most hated team in the NHL, much to the relief of the Vancouver Canucks, who last year had to face the  enmity of their fraternal brothers of the lodge.

To add insult to financial injury to Torotrella, it would appear that the NHL has chosen not to punish Orpik for the hit, we would wait to hear the Rangers thoughts on that development but we think we would have a lengthy wait before anything further is shared in public.

While Tortorella perhaps won't be talking much for now, the Penguins haven't been shy about firing back, with Sidney Crosby weighing in with his thoughts on Tortorella's verbal jousting.

It may or may not happen and the Penguins have the Flyers to deal with first, but a Ranger - Penguin eastern final could very well shape up to be one full of bombast and much, much more.

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