Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Meanwhile, back in Toronto...

" This can not go on" --
MLSE management on the horrid start of the organization's soccer club..

Hmm, we sense a ready to go template, perfect for use for all press releases, could be on the shelf at the  MLSE PR Office.

"(INSERT TEAM NAME HERE) start "huge disappointment"

So, Management has spoken, the cry of the fan base has been heard, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment has vowed to turn this thing around.

Finally we imagine, Leaf fans are feeling as though their concerns are being listened to, oh, wait, what?

That was directed towards the followers of Toronto FC, the MSL!

Ah yes, the other bottom feeding sports franchise in the MLSE stable isn't having a particularly stellar year either it seems and to that end the owners are vowing to make the changes that need to be made to turn that all around.

So priorities it seems are being marked over at MLSE.

The FC season is of course still going on, the Leafs as their fans might recollect had their season end a few weeks ago, hockey fans sent off to their televisions to follow the likes of the Senators (horror upon horror in Toronto it seems).

And while someone is still thinking about the playoffs with the folks at MLSE,  they're just not the one's on the ice.

Leafs fans, return to your off season slumber,  false alarm, we are sorry...

Though stand by MLSE fans, We look forward to the upcoming release on the Raptor's season...

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