Sunday, April 15, 2012

Game Three-- Penguins and Flyers, April 15, 2012

Down two games and suffering some serious deficits in Goals Against, the Penguins head into hostile territory to try and claw their way back into their series with the Flyers.

Pittsburgh has struggled to hold leads and provided the Flyers with no shortage of momentum through the first two games, their key assignment for Sunday, turn that theme around and take back one of their home ice losses.

For the Flyers, it would seem that it's more of a case of keeping the pressure on their inter-state rivals, knocking them off their game and off the score sheet.

Game Three-- Pittsburgh 4 at Philadelphia 8 

Philadelphia leads the series 3 games to 0

Previews and Reviews below:

Post Game

Philadelphia Inquirer-- Penguins forced to ge physical on Flyers
Philadelphia Inquirer-- Frustrated Crosby displaying his dislike for Flyers
Philadelphia Inquirer-- For Flyers, special teams the difference
Philadelphia Daily News-- Flyers' rookies take licking, keep on ticking
Philadelphia Daily News-- Flyers' Giroux a leading force
Philadelphia Daily News-- Hulk Hogan's Flyers message
Pittsburgh Tribune Review-- Flyers take control of NHL playoff series
Pittsburgh Tribune Review-- Don't bother showing for Game 4
Pittsburgh Tribune Review-- Penguins face penalties from NHL after Game 3 loss to Flyers
Pittsburgh Tribune Review-- 'Little Mario' super again in playoff victory for Flyers
Pittsburgh Tribune Review-- Flyers dominate power play again in Game 3 win over Pens
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-- Penguins trail series, 3-0
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-- Niskanen's workload grows after ejection
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-- Playoff hockey: It's when two of the world's best players drop the gloves
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-- Flyers defeat Penguins, 8-4
Globe and Mail-- Flyers fight to 3-0 series lead over Penguins
National Post-- Flyers take 3-0 stranglehold as Penguins collapse amid chaos
Toronto Star-- Pittsburgh Penguins lose wild Game 3 to Philadelphia Flyers

Pre Game

Pittsburgh Tribune Review-- Pens don't appear rattled by losses
Pittsburgh Tribune Review-- Cracked foundation: Pens' stars under perform
Pittsburgh Tribune Review-- In Pens' favor, a road-ice advantage
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-- Young Flyers playing like veterans in series
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-- Penguins must cope with more than Flyers today
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-- Shoddy defensive play puts Fleury, Penguins in bad spot
Philadelphia Daily News-- Despite two game lead over Penguins, Flyers aren't satisfied
Philadelphia Daily News-- Rinaldo Blog Day 5
Philadelphia Daily News-- How Laviolette has shaped the Flyers
Philadelphia Inquirer-- JVR getting close
National Post--  Penguins live and die with team identity

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